Why do retailers lose sales to shopping cart abandonment?

Online retailers lose a lot of money and potential orders due to shopping cart abandonment and this causes so much grief. Online studies show that up to to 67% of shopping carts are abandoned. Can you imagine that 6-7 out of every 10 super-potential customers who are on the brink of conversion leave without making a purchase? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could capture this revenue instead of losing business? Imagine your sales figure!

Being a leading web application development company, we are capable of fixing this problem and giving your business the necessary fillip it needs. Let us explore the main reasons why visitors leave without making a purchase:

Website loading time is enormous: Many online retailers host their websites on sub-standard servers due to which page loading is slow and this is one of the primary reasons why users leave the site without making a contribution. Your server should be able to handle the traffic and the load so opting for a low-cost service provider may be a bad option. A dedicated server and a professional provider will improve your visibility and sales both.

Unexpected costs are added: A huge majority of users have reported that they have been presented with many additional costs and taxes during check out which were not mentioned on the product page. This makes them feel cheated and they revert on their decision to buy.

Price shown in a foreign currency: Every online retailer is now capable of handling customers from around the world and hence it is important to display the right local currency or there is a possibility that the user may leave without completing a purchase. As a proficient graphic design companies, we know how it saves the user the hassle of calculating how much it will actually cost them after knowing the exchange rate for the currency.

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