Top Brand Logos and their interpretation

Creating logos for brands is a highly creative exercise but has its rewards when people recognize a brand based on its logo and look forward to associating with it. We come across these logos on the street, at shopping malls, on television, we simply cannot miss them due to their eye-catching design and their familiarity. The designer puts in a lot of hard work and creativity.

We are counted as one of the best logo design company in Mumbai and we love to explore the fascinating stories behind the creation of a few exciting world-famous logos. Join us to know more about their origin.


Known for its simple yet striking logo that contains three black stripes and the brand name at its base, Adidas wanted to convey the idea of a mountain peak and what were simple stripes, then turned diagonal on their sides. It portrayed the uphill struggle sportspersons have to undergo to reach the top.


The smiling face on the logo is the first thing that catches our attention and spans across from A to Z of the word ‘Amazon’. While happiness and positivity was its first connotation, it also meant to convey the fact that they sell all the products, from A to Z. This message has been put across in a highly subtle manner and proves extremely effective.


The original logo of Apple consisted of Sir Isaac Newton’s image but that is not why its subsequent logo, the fruit “Apple”, was chosen. Steve Jobs liked the sound is created and hence the name of the company and the logo, while the bite mark was just to give it scale or it would be confused for a cherry. As one of the Best Digital Marketing companies in Mumbai, we loved the concept and understand why it has become one of the most recognizable logos ever.

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