The basics of creating your organization’s business identity

One effective method of establishing your business strategy is to find your true business
Identity. Your business identity will always remain unique to your organization just like your
fingerprints are unique to you as an individual. This reflects what makes your business
different from others, especially your competitors. It defines your wants as an organization,
your core strengths and the way you carry out business processes.
As an organization, one has to reflect upon several core issues and understand what you do
and your core capabilities. Hiring a web development company in Mumbai to revamp your
business website and logo may be one way of fortifying your image but your organization
needs to set itself apart from the competition in many different ways. By looking at yourself in
the mirror, you will be able to identify and recognize the flaws that currently exist.
At such times, it is a good idea to ask your team to come together and set up a discussion
where the following questions can be asked:
 What do we like to do?
 What do we excel at?
 What excites us as a team?
 How we are different from the competition and what sets us apart?
 Is there any value addition we can do?
 Can we do a better job than what we are currently doing?
These questions can give us an insight about the future and help us to create a business
identity that truly reflects your special abilities and strengths. By stepping back and taking a
bird’s eye view can give a different perspective to the way you conduct your business. Think
about all the things that as an organization you do best. Your core competence could be
design or customer service or lowest prices and this needs to be included in your identity as
a business. The strength of a web designing company in Mumbai could be its technical
ability or its design capabilities or its competitive pricing. An honest SWOT analysis is the best
way of understanding and setting up your organisations’ business identity.

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