How to use the Right Headlines to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Your blog headlines are much more critical for the success of the blog than it is actually
perceived to be. Usually the biggest text on the page, the headline is visually attractive so
that the reader’s drawn towards it. However, that is not the only ingredient needed for its
success and a wholesome headline is also essential. A dry and uninteresting headline will
never do the job of drawing people to it, in fact, it could repel them.
Ideally, a great blog headline should be able to symbolize what the reader will come across
when they click on it and then read the post that follows. Every leading provider of
SEO company in Mumbai will vouch for the fact that readers hate misleading or over-the-top
titles. So what are the type of headlines that will increase your blog traffic? Read on:
Make-life-easy Headlines
These resemble the “best” headlines a lot. A lot of your customers will want to find out an
easy way through a potentially difficult situation than the best one. Anything to ease a
customer’s troubles. For example “The easiest way to become a powerful speaker” surely
scores over “The best way…………….”
“Best” Headlines
SEO loves these headlines. Such headlines speak directly to the common web searches your
customer initiates. Imagine if you are looking for ways to save money, wouldn’t the BEST
way attract you towards it or will you continue to go the timeworn way? Such headlines will
be exact-match searches that begin with words like “The best way to”.
“Get it quickly” Headlines
This kind of headline promises quick and efficient ways of doing certain things. For example
“The fastest way to own a house” or “The quickest way to become a millionaire” promises
the fastest route to success and this also reduces the buyer’s journey time to a minimum. It
tells the viewer that this was supposed to be done yesterday and he could miss the bus if it
is delayed further.
“If I was in your place” Headlines
We all want to become better than what we were yesterday, wanting to improve our
previous performances. We want to accomplish more in less time and it is these cravings
that make the “If I were you” headlines extremely powerful. When someone shows us the
reasons to do something, we are more than willing to change our stance and alter our
“Supported by Science” Headlines
We are more than willing to accept a concept if we are confident about the source and trust
it. If your headlines speak about how your product is going to make someone’s life better

and it is supported by Science, then just as responsive web development company in Mumbai improve a
client’s conversion rate, your headline could grab eyeballs easily.

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