How to use Lookalike audiences on Facebook to boost sales

The quickest and the most assured way of losing money on Facebook is to wrongly structure
your ad targeting and this could have a telling effect on the sales of your business. One of
the most effective methods of being truly efficient of setting up your ad targeting is to use
Facebook’s lookalike audiences.
The social media platform is a primary target for businesses and e-commerce websites as a
large percentage of social shopping sessions are driven by social media. We are a top-ranking
provider of digital marketing companies in Mumbai and our clients benefit from our expertise in
targeting the right audience in more than one way.
How does “Lookalike Audiences” help businesses?
As an e-commerce business, you can upload a list of your subscribers, users, and customers
to Facebook. Facebook checks the email addresses provided to them with its database and
draws up a custom audience of people who have used the same email address to login to
Facebook. This information can then be helpful in targeting ads specifically for this group.
In order to optimize campaign targeting, it is also possible to generate a lookalike audience
that’s drawn up from this list of custom audience. Facebook scans the profile data of people
in the custom list and segregates them into users who share similar demographics, online
behaviour, and interests. Targeting this niche group then becomes easier and a completely
safe option too.
For example, if you are a retail player, you may possess a ready list of customer’s email
audiences which can be used for a powerful email marketing campaign. However, Facebook
does a better job of addressing them since the user profiles can be matched and then
targeted. As a leading logo design company in Mumbai, we make extensive use of such
inexpensive yet effective tools to give our clients the edge over their competitions to boost

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