How Social Media Influencer Marketing is working for modern organizations

In the past few years, the influence of social media has grown multiple times and has given
rise to a dynamic new breed of social media influencers. With traditional advertising unable
to leave any major impact on consumers, companies have turned towards Influencer
marketing, hoping to engage its clients in a more effective way.
As professional digital marketing companies in Mumbai, we sincerely believe that
influencer marketing, if carried out in the right manner, has the potential to bring in
customers by the droves. As the latest studies show, more and more businesses are making this
a form of marketing a key factor in their strategy and consider it to be beneficial, as they
helped create newer leads and improve awareness about their business.
As a direct response to traditional advertising’s steady decline, a large proportion of
consumers trust peers and experts and go by their recommendations, instead of brand
advertising. Various departments of organizations are now involved in increasing the rate
of engagement on social media platforms and this has helped them to meet user
expectations in a better way, and as studies have gone on to show, this approach seems to
be working well.
Another important area where influencer marketing has taken roots is the involvement of
employees in an organization. Involving staff is helping them to move closer to their users
and is meeting user expectations more effectively. Similarly, organizations are running
employee awareness programs on how the organization’s social network can benefit if staff
participation increases and a new class of employee ambassadors rises to the forefront.
Companies have now realised that by engaging with providers of SEO company in Mumbai like
us is a great way unfolding strategies with niche influencers, as influencer marketing goes
much beyond winning another popular contest and hiring professionals does help.

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