Hand Drawn illustrations-Popular once again

The world of graphic design is quite dynamic and is constantly changing and evolving. Every
year, we see never trends being introduced and being accepted or rejected by the design
community. Depending on the response a particular trend receives, it either makes a
permanent place on the drawing board or may even make intermittent appearances. The
hand-drawn look has been making a quiet yet assured comeback in the design world as
graphic designers create hand-drawn art and integrate them into fresh projects.
As a state-of-the-art web design company in Mumbai, we make regular use of hand-drawn
art and illustrations while clients have warmed up to sketches, hash marks, and
doodles during the presentation and brain-storming sessions. Web design and animation have
accepted hand-drawn illustrations and so has a print design. So where is hand-drawn art
being used today in the design industry? Let’s find out:
Art Minimalism: Illustrators and designers use hand-drawn illustrations to create personal
portfolios but a recent trend shows that entire projects, be it web or print, use it as a
feature. This matches the minimalistic theory of capturing important concepts by
eliminating non-essential ideas.
Additional content: Graphic designers have begun using doodles to support the main
content as doodles are perfect as background fillers and textural elements. Sometimes, only
a sole element of the project is hand-drawn. Probably the social media buttons on a
webpage are hand drawn and the side illustration too is hand drawn.
Integrating style: Hand drawn elements merge seamlessly with the main design, never
overwhelming it, with the highly stable geometric designs surrounding it. For example, while
working on a website, the infographics and logos are being hand drawn and the background
& navigation remains solid.
This trend of hand-drawn illustrations is being followed by many digital marketing companies in Mumbai like ours and we are also using it in typography for print and digital media.

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