Do stock images really work on a website?

Stock images are available at the click of the mouse and it’s extremely easy to find the
relevant photo for your website, and they are free too! However, these royalty-free, online
photographs are actually doing a lot of harm to your business than you think as these
cheesy images are putting your viewers. They are massive turnoffs as they are highly
impersonal and push the site visitors away instead of attracting them.
As a leading web designing company in Mumbai, we know that such stock images do
nothing to represent your brand and this can be a huge setback to any business. If your aim
is to establish your brand image as one that is elegant and refined, this tacky stock image is
surely not going to help you in doing so. Your customers will neither take serious note of
that image nor your brand and that is not what you would want as a professional
Why is good visual content so critical for a website?
Content creation is being driven by visuals in today’s times and the following are a few
 As compared to text, visual information is processed about 60000 times faster by the
human brain.
 Press releases with images are known to generate 14% more views than those with
pure text.
 One can expect around 37% more engagement if an article is optimized with
relevant images.
Since the response to images is known to be more effective, web designers are keen to
include them in their designs. But they fail to realise that these images are common and are
being used by other “free” image lovers too. Your website is one of the most powerful tools
for conversion and as a professional social media marketing company in Mumbai, we refrain
from using stock images as the impact on your business can be negative due to their
impersonal nature.

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