Business Colour trends for Brands

Traditionally, colour trends originate from the fashion world and the textile industry with a
few leading names at the helm of things, creating the widely used colour matching system
that allows easy identification of specific hues. Pastels, Solids, Brights, Gold and Neutrals are
a few trends that dominate the design industry and make life colourful and entertaining.
As a brand, if you approach any customized web development company in Mumbai, you will
receive professional advice on the colours to be used for your business. Let us find out the
colour trends that have ruled the year gone by:
Amongst the pastels that ruled the business world, Rose Quartz and Serenity topped the
charts, as they created a buzz in fashion along with many other pastels making their
presence felt in fashion. The world of web design is also following the watercolour trend
actively and is exploding with some inspired watercolour designs. Pastels are here to stay,
considering the watercolour trend backing it up quite well.
Bright colours are also hogging the stage and grabbing a large part of the limelight as brand
logos have brightened a lot. Leading brands like Instagram have gone ahead with taking the
neon scale higher and the difference is definitely visible. It does not mean that these brands
are trying to stand out of the crowd with palettes that sensationalize the design world but
they have also tried to seek out social justice issues. It is also noticed that tech companies
love bright colours, be it branding, their office furniture or the logos, so this trend surely
seems to be on a firm ground, ready to take off to the next level.
Gold and Neutrals:
Gold foil, gold lettering and many other variants are making their presence felt in various
design elements and despite being a relative newcomer, they seem to be trending away to
glory. With a neutral or black background, the gold lettering stands out magnificently as you
can see when Starbucks launched their Star rewards program. The program evokes a feeling
of luxury and oozes with sophistication, perfect for a premium brands’ premium reward
program. It is quite elegant to look at seems like they are here to stay a while.
How does one select a colour palette?
If you are planning to decide on your brand look, marketing materials and web design, the
colour scheme becomes a vital criteria at this time, as any company offering customized
web development in Mumbai will tell you. Do not let the current trends dictate your choice,
though you should browse through them to know what is preferred by others. You should
choose a colour scheme that will last forever when so-called trends have lived their life till
the next trend appears.

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