Bright and Bold Designs- Boon or Curse?

The success of a great web design is evident when it helps the visitor to find the information
they are searching for and directs them towards taking a specific action like encouraging
them to call, buy or register. Effective websites have eye-catching call-to-actions that stand
out from the rest of the page and goad the visitors to gravitate towards them.
As a leading web design companies in Mumbai, we ensure that the visual elements of a
particular website do not compete against each other for attention. We would rather have
one focal point that grabs eyeballs and holds the visitor’s line of vision for enough time,
during which he makes a positive decision. Have you come across websites that have very
bright yellow, orange or red colour crammed into the tiny space with geometrical shapes
and smiling individuals vying for each other’s attention? In all probability, you were unable
to tear off your eyes from this visual treat but did you fulfill the purpose of visiting the site?
Probably no.
Such bright and end-to-end website designs want visitors to call them, download stuff, click
here, click here and donate to a cause too. Whew! All this and more, which is enough to
leave the website visitor dazed and confused to no end.
As opposed to this, a website that has fewer elements to distract with a far less bright and
colorful design is more effective in impressing you. Your vision is less taxed and the design
is perfect for you to see what the company wants you to see. As a professional social media
marketing company in Mumbai, we recommend the Call-to-action button, a testimonial
video and the company’s wide product range to be under the spotlight. This will serve the
true purpose of the website, bright and bold designs notwithstanding.

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