2D or 3D- What is better?

One of the most common questions that arise, especially from clients, is what kind of
animation is better for a project, 2D or 3D. 2D animation refers to all that exists in a 2-
dimensional plane and is now considered “old-fashioned”, created in Flash by using hand-
drawn elements, while 3D animation pertains to elements existing in a 3-dimensional
environment. It is created by using high-end computer software and has a higher resolution
of texture and detail. 3D is generally extremely effective when scenarios related to water,
outdoor scenes and action are needed to be created.
While choosing from 2D and 3D animation, one of the first considerations has to be the type
of action your commercial will have. If it has action and big movements, with major camera
movements, then 3D is definitely the right choice for you. As a top-ranking
graphic design companies, we go through this dilemma on a regular basis, every time a
new project is launched. 3D animation is highly accurate and is perfect to generate effects
that seem real-life and extremely pleasing too. In contrast to this, if your focus is on
individuals and has an emotional background to it, it would make sense to stick to the old-
world 2D for a better impact on your viewers.
In 2D animation, the viewer has to compensate a lot with the storyline and the resulting
action. Also it may not be highly accurate since the animation is hand-drawn and simply
represents life-like movements. In contrast, 3D animation helps to take the narrative in the
right direction quickly since it is much more realistic and better looking too. Being a leading
player of customized web development in Mumbai, we consider the pros and cons of both
the technologies and choose the most suitable and relevant one for a client’s project.

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